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Hello everyone!
I must confess, I stumbled across this site as I was searching for links to a little place in Kentucky called (surprisingly enough) Wooton, Kentucky!Imagine my surprise when I discovered this little site dedicated entirely to my family.. namely, all of you!In brief, lets face it, our surname is unusual, and, if you happen to find another Wooton, odds have it we're related!But, although I could initiate a bit of a geneological coup by introducing or requesting ancestreal lineage information, for now I think I'll just take advantage of the opportunity to say HELLO!! to all of my family that is still alive and well, wherever you may be!
In brief, I'm 30 years of age, residing in Phoenix, Arizona, but hailing originally from Nashville, Tennessee, and of the Hanson, Kentucky Wooton stock.My grandfather was James Edgar Wooton, born of Thomas Pryor Wooton, married to a young woman of the Combs clan, if I remember correctly.I refuse to divulge additional information until I check my records ;) ..which are extensive up to and including the kids of the Thomas Pryor Wooton clan.
but for now, I say one thing... I know that the folks that correspond here are looking for genealogicalinfo, which is very admirable.. but also, please, take the time to say, Hello!Tell us about yourself!We're really still quite a small family, just check your White Pages.. please write just a few lines.. I know at least I would like to know a little bit of your story! You have relatives about that are pleased to meet you!
cheers!Your cousin,
Tom Wooton


Wooten's Whirled History Volume 2020

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