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Formula YS: Racing just got faster!
A major part of why I like YS Flight modding lies in the fact that everytime you develop a bit more, and pick up a few more tricks to incorporate in your models.
This release is one of the more ambitious of my projects, and the result is definitely more than what I expected of it.
Formula YS is basically a different game than YS-Flight the flight sim. This is a racing game, and a pretty fast one at that. The cars are unarmed, very powerful, highly maneuverable, and look awesome! They are born from regular contemporary Formula 1 cars, which I was suprised to see there are none of in the YS databases (that I could find at least). So I had to make the cars from scratch, and after getting the basic mesh right, rescaling up and down a few times, and numerous attempts at getting the normals right, I got what you see here in front of you.
Ys major    ys flight addon page homeworkSo yey, we finally haveF-1 cars in YS! But I have tried driving cars around in YS Flight, and it just doesn't really do it for me. The ground detail is too rough, the speeds too slow, and driving behaviour isn't realistic. But then again, it is a flight simulator, so the next step was to make my formula 1 cars fly.
That was easier than expected really. Just put in some wings, and somehow retract the wheels, and go for it. But without wheels there's no propulsion, so i built in some engines. Make them transform and look cool and there you go: Formula YS. Of course the engine blades rotate, just like the wheels.
I wanted the formula 1 car to drive unless you folded out the wings, so I had to program the DNM so that the extended flap (drag) meansa folded wing. Flaps in mean the wings fold out, and the car has lift (increases speed). Once airborne the gears will be retracted and the car transforms into an altogether more streamlined plane, and once that happened, it's time to throw in the after burner which will increase your speed from a good 200 knots to 620+ knots on ground level. That is bloody fast by the way, but the plane is suprisingly well to handle.
Make your way through some cool racing tracks that I quicly put together and voila, a race league is born. By saving your (succesful) flights, you can open these and add an airplane and race yourself. Do this 4 or 5 times and you've got yourself some adrenaline pumping action on YS Flight when you are racing 4 or 5 different cars, all flown by yourself.
Anyway, it's time for you to see what it's all about, and try to out race me in my yfs files (in the major folder in the release). In the readme file you will find more info on how to install everything, and what Formula YS is all about.
So have fun, and I'll see you on the race track!
Download link:
Major Major

Ys Major    Ys Flight Addon Page Homework

PS, if you have some groovy repaints of the Formula YS cars please do post them on and I will link this weblog to them as well!
PS 2, I haven't got any experience with servers but if you can figure out a low lag map for some online racing, that would really be racing! So for any of you who see an opportunity here, go for it and host a server with Formula YS racing.

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Download link:

Ys Major    Ys Flight Addon Page Homepage

Ys Major    Ys Flight Addon Page Home Page
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